Friday, May 9, 2014

La Tienda Chiquita

Avocado Tacos
Ok- full disclosure- my daughter works here (if you go in and get her as your server please be nice she is still working on being a good server-- for those of you who have not waited tables there is a lot to it-- you have to learn to multitask). She works here because it is the best Mexican food and the nicest family ever.  I love this place. The pecan cilantro pesto shrimp quesadilla is to die for (really it is). I have tried other dishes but it is my favorite dish.  I don't have pictures of them because they never last long enough. Katie likes the ground beef enchiladas and the cheese enchiladas. Steven likes everything- his current favorite is the pork plate (I am not even going to try to spell what they call it). I live for the shrimp cocktail (it has avocado- I love everything with avocado). Oh! They also have avocado tacos. I like those too.

They have specials every day. I am often tempted by the specials (especially the shrimp cocktail hint hint). They also have a meat of moment, soups in winter (mmmmm soup), and I am told there will be salads soon. I can't wait to try the salads especially if they have avocado..... Oh! I can't believe I almost forgot about the tamales. I don't like tamales and I like their tamales. Lots of meat not a lot of mesa. Really good. They freeze and heat up well.
Mini Beef Tacos- Daily Special

La Tienda Chiquita started as a grocery store and evolved into a restaurant.  They do not have a large kitchen so no deep fryer. I personally think this is a plus- I don't want to be tempted by fried foods and La Tienda Chiquita does have a deep fryer smell. It has eclectic seating; there are tables and chairs that don't match.  I think it adds to the charm. I think it is like going to your cool aunt's house for a meal. Everyone is friendly and welcoming with the accompanying banter that you would expect at a friend's house or at your aunts. They are moving (soon) to a new location which will have a larger kitchen and more space for tables and a deep fryer (which means homemade chips-- I am going to have to run more).

You need to try this place. It is incredible.  Here is the link La Tienda Chiquita
Cheese Enchiladas with Rice and Beans
Katie's View
I love this restaurant. I can honestly say they make the best Mexican food I have ever had. Their ground beef enchiladas are AMAZING! The family that owns the place is very nice and I'm not just saying that because they could fire me. The restaurants aroma is incredible, it smells like heaven.  If go to bed after work without showering,  I wake up at random parts of the night craving Mexican food.     La Tienda Chiquita on Urbanspoon


  1. It is the only food I have ever dreamt about!

  2. Jeanne what is your favorite dish?