Sunday, July 21, 2013

Van Till Family Farm and Winery

Strawberry Festival Wine
I love Van Till. Our family has been going to Van Till since we moved back to Kansas City. It is off the beaten path. But then I really like going off the regularly traveled paths. You know, places where you get great food, great service, and feeling that the people who work work there and own the place want to sit down and have a chat. Yes, Van Till is that kind of place.

It is a way from downtown Kansas City but it is worth the trip. I couldn't tell you how to get there. If I tried you end up in Nebraska. Trust be you are better off going to their website and figuring out for yourself.

I go to Van Till for the pizza. They have an Italian style pizza oven in which they bake their pizzas. I love the pizza. My favorite is the chipotle chicken. I would drink chipotle raspberry sauce if they gave me a glass of it.Yes, it is that good.
Chipotle Chicken Pizza
I am also partial to the rosemary pear. Katie's current favorite is the Tuscany. She also likes the pesto.

The Pesto Pizza
They have suggested pairings with the pizzas. I usually get a beer (I love wine but it doesn't love me). We made an exception to our "no wine rule" the last time we were at the winery. We had a a bottle of the Strawberry Festival Sparkling wine. It was delicious. Yum!

You can wander around the gardens and peek into the green houses which I think is worth the trip alone. It is a beautiful place.  I like to sit in the outdoor patio, watch the pizzas being made, and relax. Oh! I almost forgot, there is also a tasting room where you can taste the wines. I also think the event space is open now.
The Pizza Oven on the Outdoor Patio
Katie's View
Amazing pizza! The food here is simply delicious. I love the Pesto and the Tuscan pizza. The restaurant has a family friendly environment. The people who own the place are awesome! I can't wait to go there again!!!

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